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Tiger balm infused with 300mg of CBD 30ml Muscle and pains

Tiger balm 30ml with 300mg of Broad Spectrum CBD

Discover the ultimate solution for muscle aches and pains with our Tiger Balm, enriched with a potent blend of natural extracts. This balm provides targeted relief with an optimal balance of warming and cooling sensations to soothe sore muscles and reduce inflammation.

Our Tiger Balm stands out with its complex formulation, combining diverse ingredients for a truly effective and dynamic experience. It’s the perfect addition to your wellness routine, offering more than just pain relief. Its unique formula is designed to improve sleep, reduce stress, and enhance skin health.

Key Benefits:

  • Offers natural relief for chronic pain and soreness
  • Soothes muscle pain, headaches, and arthritis discomfort
  • May help alleviate cough and cold symptoms

Convenient and User-Friendly: Packaged in a compact, non-greasy container, our balm is easy to apply and can be used as often as needed throughout the day.

Directions: Apply liberally to the affected area and massage until absorbed. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Avoid contact with sensitive areas.


  • Natural Cooling Agents
  • Bark Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Plant-Derived Fragrance

Packaging: Contained in a travel-friendly 30ml tub, suitable for all.

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