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Heatless Silk Ribbon Hair Curlers Gentle Waves Overnight

Hair curler size: length 99cm/39.37in,  you can make your favorite wavy hairstyle by yourself, give you a beautiful hairstyle every day.

Heat-Free Curling Iron: The heat-free curling iron provides you with a new way of curling, you can get beautiful curls without heating your hair, say goodbye to breakage and split ends. And will not damage the hair, meet the healthy hair.
Overnight Curling Iron: The soft material allows you to curl your hair while you sleep, sleep comfortably, and wake up in the morning with amazing curls without spending extra time.
SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR: The curlers are long enough to hold tightly, perfect for thick, thin, curly or straight hair, the rounded edges and smooth surface won't pull or damage your hair.
Easy-to-Use Curling Iron: Before going to bed, separate a small strand of hair with a pin tail comb, wrap it around the curling iron, and secure it with a rubber band. You'll have beautiful curls the next morning and sleep with no discomfort.
Wear the curling iron headband on your head like a headband. You can curl it on the top, or fix one side with a headband like a ponytail, and then wrap it on the other side of the curling tape to dry or slightly wet hair, and use a headband to secure the elastic band at the bottom. Make sure to wrap tightly and start from the top of your head. It can stay for an hour or two during the day when the hair is slightly wet, and can stay overnight when the hair is slightly wet or dry.
Product material: foam + cloth
Package Includes:
1 x Curling Iron
2 x Hair Ties
1 x Hair Clip
(Note: There may be slight color difference when receiving the goods)

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