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Wintergreen Soothing Muscle Balm Natural Relief & Recovery 30ml

Wintergreen Muscle Balm Soothing Comfort for Active Lifestyles 30ml

Unwind with the comforting embrace of our Wintergreen Muscle Balm, expertly formulated for effective muscle relaxation. The balm’s gentle texture penetrates deeply, delivering a satisfying sensation of warmth, perfect for massaging into weary muscles and the neck region. At cbDNA, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our choice of superior, naturally derived ingredients.

Wintergreen CBD muscle balm 300mg 30ml

Key Benefits:

  • Provides relief for muscle and joint discomfort
  • May assist in soothing skin conditions
  • Encourages improved circulation and metabolism
  • Serves as a natural agent for reducing inflammation
  • Aids in promoting bodily detoxification

Directions for Use: Conduct a patch test on the forearm before general application. If no adverse reaction occurs, massage the balm into the desired area until fully absorbed. Post-use, cleanse hands thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas.


  • Wintergreen Essence
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Natural Cooling Agents
  • Plant-Derived Fragrance

Packaging: Contained in a convenient, portable 30ml tub, suitable for all.

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