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Day/Night Instant Lip Plumper Oil

Step into the world of the  Day/Night Instant Lip Plumper Oil Set, where plump, irresistible lips are just a breath away.

Our innovative lip care system offers the perfect blend of day and night treatments without any need for needles or invasive procedures. Say farewell to dry, dull lips and embrace a more vibrant, captivating version of yourself.

Key Features:

Long-Lasting Hydration: The Lip Plumper Oil provides over 6 hours of continuous moisture, resulting in clear luster, reflective shine, and exceptionally high moisture content. Say goodbye to chapped lips, fine lines, peeling, and dryness, as your lips revel in enduring rejuvenation.

Versatile Usage: Whether as a base for lip color, a glossy lip enhancer, or intensive lip care, our Lip Plumper Oil does it all. Apply it before or after makeup, or leave it on overnight for revitalized, nourished lips.

Lip Plumper Set

Needle-Free Beauty: Our Lip Plumper Set offers a safe, natural alternative to invasive procedures, thanks to its natural ingredients, vitamin E, and collagen. It provides fuller, more moisturized lips without discomfort.

24-Hour Care, Double Effect: The Minty variant acts as a soothing lip mask when used overnight, leaving your lips smoother and softer by morning. During the day, the Ginger variant works as a regular lip gloss, delivering instant plumpness and beauty.


  • Active Cell Viability: Promotes healthy cell renewal for youthful, vibrant lips.
  • Prevent Lip Peeling: Combat unsightly peeling and flaking.
  • Reduce Lip Lines: Minimize fine lines and wrinkles around the lips.
  • Repair and Rejuvenate: Restore your lips to their natural beauty and resilience.
  • Enhance Lip Volume: Achieve fuller, softer, and smoother lips that enhance your allure.

How to Use:

As a Base Makeup: Apply a thin layer of Lip Plumper Oil before adding lip color to soften and intensify the look.

Over Lipstick: For an instant glossy and plump finish, apply the Lip Plumper Oil over your lipstick as a final touch.

Intensive Lip Care: Apply the Lip Plumper Oil alone, either before your regular makeup routine or generously overnight for revitalized, hydrated lips.

Vafee - Lip Plumper 2 in 1

Unveil the natural beauty of your lips with the  Day/Night Instant Lip Plumper Oil Set. Enhance your lip's natural allure and experience the convenience and confidence of needle-free, everyday beauty.           

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